In life, stuff happens ..... Insurance and Assurance can help to soften the blow financially:

  • Insurance protects in case something happens.
  • Assurance protects for when the inevitable happens. 

Protect your lifestyle by being prepared for those situations where financial strain would make everything even more difficult to deal with. 

 Accident, sickness, redundancy, critical illness - are you insured?

We can help to find the right balance for you and your family circumstances and all of the "what ifs" of modern life. With access to every product on the market, we can help you find

  • protection to maintain your income;
  • help for you to cover your Mortgage and other essential costs if you fell ill, lost your job or had an accident; 
  • lump sum paying critical illness protection; 
  • Permanent Health Insurance cover to help get you back on your feet a little quicker;
  • other solutions to meet your personal or business needs

Life Assurance

It comes to us all yet too few of us make adequate provision for our loved ones when it is our time to go. 

Careful planning can help to avoid Inheritance Tax on our estates and can help to provide our children and grandchildren with something that is more than memories.

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Note: Tax advice which contains no investment element is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Mortgage protection 

A mortgage protection policy could help to cover your biggest monthly outgoings if you cannot work for a while.

Income Protection

Whether its due to accident, sickness, unemployment the right policy could help to smooth your personal, family or business cash flow.

Health Insurance

In the event of an acute or critical condition, you could be helped back on your feet by a policy to provide a lump sum or private health care.